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VoiceWorx Alumni MK Salditos, Dannes Serrano, and Kathleen Sone Together With VG8 Station Manager Reymar Peña Taught The Newest Batch Of Scholars In The Voice Acting Free Workshop Seminar

The VoiceMaster is not slowing down with his vision, advocacy, and dreams to help more people jumpstart in their voice acting career as he granted another free workshop seminar.

Chosen scholars for the free seminar-workshop for voice acting

Last December 2, 2019, the chosen scholars attended the free workshop seminar conducted by VoiceWorx alumni MK Salditos, Dannes Serrano, and Kathleen Sone together with VG8 Station Manager Reymar Peña.

Scholars listening intently to the discussion

Chosen scholars for the seminar-workshop

The chosen scholars were handpicked through their submitted video entries as to why they deserve access to the free seminar.

Live stream of the on-going free seminar workshop on voice acting

The meaningful afternoon was filled with learnings, hope, and potentials that these newest batch of scholars can make it big in the industry. 

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