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VoiceMaster Supported A Student In The Microphone Club Turned Into A Mentor In Her Own Niche: Ms. Keren Angara Takes Pride In "Energetic Hosting Made Easy" Workshop

The VoiceMaster lives up to his legacy of fulfilling more dreams from an aspirant got to see another milestone in one of his student's journey. Meet Ms. Keren Angara, the brilliant and in-demand host behind the brand "Energetic Host". Clients love her for her contagious energy and her skills to keep the crowd alive and ecstatic in any gathering and huge events.

Ms. Keren Angara with her students in her hosting workshop

Last November 26-27, 2019, Ms. Keren conducted a two-day hosting workshop training her students about the fundamentals of public speaking, hosting, and personal branding. It was held at 3rd Space, Pasig Blvd, 1603 Pasig City. The students learned not only the skills but they gained a renewed self-confidence that they can do more in their own hosting career.

Promotional poster for Energetic Hosting Made Easy workshop

The VoiceMaster did not miss the chance to support Ms. Keren as he was the special guest and gave a short motivational talk for the workshop attendees. Ms. Keren Angara is among the students and learners of the VoiceMaster in one of his groups, The Microphone Club.

Ms. Keren Angara's brand, The Energetic Host

For inquiries, get in touch with her Facebook page: Keren Angara The Energetic Host

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