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VoiceMaster and Fellow JCI Makati Brother Elmar M. Nabisa Motivated The Young Crowd Of The "14th Makati Youth Congress"

The VoiceMaster, together with JCI Makati member Elmar M. Nabisa, inspired the youth of Makati High School last November 30, 2019.

Mr. Elmar Nabisa and VoiceMaster

Upon invitation from the Federation of Student Governments of Makati in collaboration with DepEd, Mr. Nabisa and the VoiceMaster accepted it wholeheartedly. The speaking engagement is among the activities for the 14th Makati Youth Congress that took place for three days.

VoiceMaster with students leaders participating in his talk

This year's theme "21st Century Leaders: Technology-driven; Anchored in Principles; Resilient Amidst Challenges". The VoiceMaster and Mr. Nabisa focused on the topics capitalizing on one's own strength and youth talent management.

VoiceMaster's certification of appreciation

Mr. Elmar Nabisa delivering his motivational talk
The students were inspired and they even participated in the icebreakers by the VoiceMaster.

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