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Voice of the Youth Special Featuring Mr. Pocholo "The Voice Master" Gonzales

Good Morning, I’m Pocholo Gonzales, from the Philippines the name of my project is Voice of the Youth Network. Voice of the Youth Network is about promoting Youth Participation and Children’s Rights through the 5 Media. (Radio, TV, Newspaper, Internet and Cellphone.)

(What are the problems faced by the Filipino Youth in the Philippines?)

Right now there’s a lot of problems, the youth facing in the Philippines like them getting more up apathetic, they don’t care about the community; they don’t care about the fellow youth. I do believe that we have the potential to do something but they just don’t know what’s the thing, how to do it so I’m helping them to know it through those media. Our organization wants to inspire, inform and involve the Youth, like to inspire them to make a difference, we informed them about the wealth and opportunity and involved them in Youth programs locally and globally that will help them to create change.

I started it in 1996 where most of the members of broadcasters, singers, voice talents, directors we created this radio program which is “Tinig Kabataan” and “Radyo Radyo”, it’s more on youth oriented program and I am teaching my members to be a leader also and those leaders are teaching their members to be a leaders, so far we’re doing great and very proud of it.

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