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The VoiceMaster Recalls And Feels Great Helping Dreamers As They Start Their Journey and Career in Voice Acting

The VoiceMaster, Pocholo Gonzales, chooses to be "The Man behind a Thousand Voices" rather than to be "The Man with a Thousand Voices." He loves helping people fulfill their dreams even if he has to give more than what he can do.


It is in his desire to support dreamers because he is a product of veteran's generosity too like how Danny "Ama" Mandia gave him the chance in the world of dubbing.

When asked why does he always give a lot and help dreamers from scratch, he would answer: "Matagal nang bayad yan." A simple response yet with a pearl of profound wisdom. The VoiceMaster wants to pay it forward and share the blessings and opportunities with more people.


Here are some of the dreamers whom he helped, even giving the scholarship to learn voice acting for beginners:

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