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 Name: Tynie Wyeth Eclarino
Address: Bagay, Igbaras, Iloilo
Number: 09369639207
Email: tyniewyeth_eclarino@yahoo.com
Simple Message: I am a simple leader, simple one and have a high dreams.
Thank you Kuya Choi,
Thank you for being a informative speeaker today. Through of you I am so dedicated to focus more to reach my dream. Salamat sa lahaat dahil sayo mas nabukas ang puso k bilang isang mabuting indibidwal.
Thank you,God bless, more power
 Name: Thrice Austine F. Vasquez
Address: Conception, Iloilo Philippines
Number: 09079633003
Simple Message: Kuya sana bigyan ikaw ng mahabang buhay para marami pang tao ang maturuan mo.
#I an great
#God bless Kuya more power
 Name: Heloise Krystene Sindol
Address: Pasil, New Lucena, Iloilo
Number: 09305222567
Simple Message: Thank you for inspiring me, to know my passion and to boost my confidence. God bless and inspire more.
 Name: Maureen Allison Cortez
Address: 2294 Tramo Cor. Ptotacio St. Pasay City
Number: 09152650089
Email: maureencortez04@gmail.com
Simple Message: Thank you sa pagiging speaker sa amin. Sobrang dami namin natutunan.
 Name: Chabelita Depiras
Address: Brgy. Bagunanay Tubungan, Iloilo
Number: 09362406823
Simple Message: Thank you so much for sharing your ideas also your effort. You really inspired me. Please continue for being influencer and inspiring leader. Thank you such!!!
God bless!!!
 Name: Grace Lintag
Address: San Pedro Palcarangan Lubao Pampanga
Email: Graace Lintag@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Kuya Choy sana magkita ulit tayo kahit konting oras po napasaya nyo po kami. Humahanga po ako sayo ang galing gak]ling nyo po,ikaw p ang iniidolo ko. Sana magkitaulit tayo balang araw. Salamat po Kuya Choy,balang araw gusto ko pong maging Chef. Madami po akong natutunan sa inyo. Salamat !
Salamat po!

Simple Message: Mr. Pocholo Gonzales,
Actually, I don't know what to say. Siguro po thank you po kasi you inspire others without expecting in return. To be honest with you I'm still confuse on what I field I belong. I don't know where I am going into this field but I want to try deliberately to really know where I belong.
I just wanted to say also that I learned a lot, I mean it and it's deep. Thank you
 Name: Shalene Allas
Address:Tagsing Sta. Barbara Iloilo
Number: 09123847475
Simple Message: Thank you!!! Sir Pocholo. Thank you for inspiring me.
 Name: Shenna Mae Panes-Nique
Address: Maninila Miagao Iloilo
Number: 09077783455
Email: ni_queshenshen@yahoo.com
Simple Message: I know I am just one of hundreds of young leaders that can serve my fellow youth by your help but I know you will discover me as one of the most influential youth not just in Iloilo but n whole Philippines. Kuya Choi, I want to do something that I can change the world. I wish you'l recognize and see me even I'm from a small school. I KNOW I CAN DO BETTER
 Name: Charisse Shin Mathoca
Address: Talongadian Sta. Barbara Iloilo
Number: 09498501921
Email: CharisseShinmotchoca@yahoo.com
Simple Message: My dream is to become a good teacher someday and I want to help my family.
 Name: Cindy Cardona
Address: Calinog
Number: 09397940379
Simple Message: Idol talaga kita. You are a very talented person. Thank you for the teachings and learnings you gave us. This is the best experience ever.

 Name: Kevin B. Bautista
Address: 007 Catalina Village, Lipa Batangas
Number: 09494207263
Email: Kev.STUDENT010@gmail.com
Simple Message: Can you do a 100 voices just like the The Man with 100 Voices.?

 Name: Jaffet Hervas
Address: Brgy. Bucaya, San Joaquin, Iloilo
Number: 09302397148
Email: JHERVAAS03112@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Thank you po...
 Dahil nainspire nyo po ako. Gusto ko ponh maging seaman balang araw.
 Name: Ronaly Hilado
Address: Borak, Maasin Iloilo
Number: 09461886697
Email: RonalyHilado@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Kuya Cholo, thank you for coming here and whole heartedly teach us how to be a good leader. I wissh we could meet again. Thank you so much!!
 Name: Ara Nikka Villaruel
Address: Banate, Iloilo
Number: 09307044697
Simple Message: Hi Kuya Choy! Gusto ko talaga kitang makausap at gusto kong magselfie kasama ka,kaya lang nahihiya ako. Thank you for the advices. I can really relate. I dind't regret that I join the training. I hope we can take a selfie. Thank you such and God bless.
 Name: Florence Mae Cndolesa
Address: Brgy. Pasginman, Leon, Iloilo
Number: 090899229
Email: Pcandolesa@yahoo.com
Simple Message:I want to join because I want to discover new within myself. I want to be a broadcaster so I just want to enhance and maximize. I also want to be out on my comfort zone.
 Name: Joyce Jagna-an
Address: Cabugao Sur Pavia Iloilo
Number: 09398861527
Email: marcojoyce27@yahoo.com
Simple Message: I want to lead, influence and inspire the youth. Thank you for inspiring and being the speaker in this training.
 Name: Mella Mariss Nanta
Address: Brgy. Jag-on, Miag-ao, Iloilo
Number: 09486672234
Email: Stellamaris_nanta@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Thank you Kuya Pochoy because I learn many things from you. You made me realize that I can be a good leader someday, a good speaker and a good inspiration.

 Name: Jesreal Sanz
Address: Alibango St. Alimodian, Iloilo
Number: 09369949154
Email: jesrael2586@gmail.com
Simple Message: Keep on inspiring and influencing others. Help Philippine to be  a better country
 Name: Syrah Mae Fernandez
Address: Brgy. Jabud Sur. Zarraga, Iloilo
Number: 09394379718
Email: Syrah_14@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Sana God will bless you always and continue helping people who has a talent to a broad casting and continue to be humble and handsome.
 Name: Jaypee N. Deles
Address: MRB Diego Silang Bldg. 3 Unit309, Taguig City
Number: 09771753608
Email: jaypeedeles214@yahoo.com
Simple Message: You are inspiring speaker, I learn a lot to you good luch!
Name: Thricia S. Mangalintal
Address: 234 Sitio, Lukong Mandili, San Miguel Bulacan
Number: 09356888938
Simple Message: Wala po akong main dream pero Kuya Choi, thank you... Ngayon alam ko na po kung sno sng psngsrsp ko. You help me to finilized it. I want to be a Broad Caster someday. I'm a journalist po..... broad casting . Itutuloy ko na po. Sana magkita po tayo pagdating ng tamang panahon. Hahaha
 Name: Ariane Grace D. Delos Reyes
Address: Brgy. Calamigan, Conception, Iloilo
Number: 09752007954
Email: arianegrace99@yahoo.com
Simple Message: I want to do something that is different but will inspire others.
Name: Marianne Alex P. Saban
Address: Happy Homes, Zarraga Iloilo
Number: 09177227280
Email: smariannelexa@gmail.com
Simple Message: I volunteer myself to the Voice of the Youth because to share what I have.

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