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 Name: Janelle R. Deocariza
Address: San Salvador Banate Iloilo
Mobile #: 09199887301
Simple Message: When I heard all your hardworks you became my Idol. Even though your just a 16yrs old you reach your goal. I want to become a lawyer. To fight for the right and justice. And I want to be the good example for that.
 Name: Hazel Joyce Mangulabnan
Address: Candaba Pampanga
Mobile #: 090590077523
Email: joy.mangulabnan@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Hello po! Tulad mo isa din po akong batang maraming pangarap sa buhay. Ang pinakanais ko pong maabot ay maging successful someday. Maging business woman. Sobrang nainspire po ako sa iyo. Thankyou po.
 Name: Dannica C. Junio
Address: Lacmit Arayat Pampanga
Mobile #: 09362332046
Email: dannica_diaz27@yahoo.com
Simple Message: I learned a lot from you. Thankyou for sharing your experiences. And for sure magagamit ko lahat ng mga natutunan ko po sa inyo. Thankyou again Mr. Voice Master!
 Name: Grant Phill S. Delos Santos
Address: Sta. Lucia San Luis Pampanga
Mobile #: 093640020834
Email: dgrantphill@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Hi. Hello@ I am now a new fan of you as I was amazed by how you dubbings and voice actings and now that I watched you, I was more determine in voice acting and please continue motivating Youths like us to become successful.
 Name: Diorizze
Address: Zarraga Iloilo
Mobile #: 09305516695
Email: diorrize.zarriaga@gmail.com
Simple Message: Thankyou Sir for sharing your life experiences with us. Because of you, I learned to believe in myself and to act right now. Its indeed true that to reach a million mile finish line, you need to take a step first. 
 Name:  Althea Ann Tupas
Address: Banate Iloilo
Mobile #: 09305927726
Simple Message: Thankyou for teaching us and inspire us today. Hope we see you again !
 Name: Rod Christian G. Lana
Address: New Lucena Iloilo
Mobile #: 09082585941
Simple Message: Kuya sana mgkaroon ng mas malawak na mga tuntunin, sana magkaroon ng mga district AIB Trainings. Thankyou! much love at mabuhay ang mga Leadership Trainings.
 Name: Shiny Colen Conde Asumbra
Address: Ajuy Iloilo
Mobile #: 09466123140
Email: colen.asumbra@yahoo.com
Simple Message: You inspired me! I want to be a good leader like you. Thankyou for shring your success with us. #good leader # success is nothing if you dont share it!
 Name: Cheenee P. Paras
Address: Bitas Arayat Pampanga
Mobile #: 09176925315
Email: mirikukutukuku_paras04@yahoo.com
Simple Message: When I grew up I want to become a flight stewrdees because I want to see and travel to different countries by riding an airplane and also I want to give service tothe people who were in their flight.
 Name: Shenandoah De Leon
Email: shenan_deleon@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Reason why I want to join CreatiVoices is that expressing what my mind says is my passion, sharing thoughts. Through that I want to make a change. Having to change way others may seem imposible to change.
 Name: Marigold Rativo
Address: Quezon City
Mobile #: 09277228650
Email: soulja_gdd07@uahoo.com
Simple Message: AWESOME
 Name: Guirliedane A. Palapal
Address: Isabela
Mobile #: 09061200297
Email: guirliedanepalapal@gmail.com
Simple Message: Thankyou for lighting a fire in our hearts.
 Name: Nerissa T. Laurel
Mobile #: 09272163796
Email: laurelmerissa10@gmail.com
Simple Message: Keep it up Sir! Make also a history po! Goodluck Sir Pocholo. Ganda ko po! Hahaha.
 Name: Dennaliz Somera
Address: Darasa Tanauan City of Batangas
Mobile #: 091035266078
Email: sdynaliz@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Sobrang galingnyo po sana madami ka pang mapasaya na tao.

 Name: Ella Mae Obarco
Address: San Rafael Sto. Tomas Batangas
Mobile #: 09081156591
Email: ella.obarco264@y.c
Simple Message: It was amazing.
 Name: Renz Cabiscuelas Mance
Address: San Roque Sto. Tomas Batangas
Mobile #: 09122370854
Email: renz.mance@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Sobrang nakakainspire po kayo. Godbless po! More blessing to come.
 Name: Lorens Troy H. Soltis
Address: Sta. Barbara Iloilo
Mobile #: 09107168120
Email: lorens_try4162001@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Thankyou for teaching me and my schoolmates today. We learned many things from your topic to us. I wish we can meet again and  learn more things. 
 Name: Mae Dell Silfavan
Simple Message: Thankyou for having chosen us to inspire, impact and influenced of the greatness in ourselves. Thankyou for believe us that we can do awesome things. Im so blessed that you has marked inspirational message in my life. I know I can be great and wesome like you.
 Name: Louise Angela M. Razo
Address: Marilao Bulacan
Mobile #: 09175301361
Simple Message: You really amazed us with your talk and what you've done.
 Name: Franklin Galvez Jr.
Address: Muntinlupa City
Mobile #: 092546557838
Email: franjilyn_@y.c
Simple Message: Thanks for giving many inspirational and innovational knowledge about you and to how to do what we want as a youth. Thanks for your words of wisdom. Keep it up!
Name: Cindy Joy Ojeno
Mobile #: 09369833786
Email: imdone@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Salamat po sa pagbibigay inspirasyon sa mga bata ngayon sa pagdedevelop ng kakayahang mamuno at maging matapang sa mga pagsubok sa buhay.

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