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 Name: Patricia Mae Matias
Address: Tandang Sora Q.C
Mobile #: 09352766804
Simple Message: More Power! Continue to motivate and inspire the youth! Godbless!

 Name: Maria Mikaela G. Francisco
Address: Sta. Maria Bulacan
Email: mmgf97@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Hi! Since highschool I ream of working in the field of Radio and I hope I can have the opportunity to showcase my talent and ofcourse to have the chance of inspiring other young people through my talents.

 Name: Chloe Dianne R. Cartoneros
Address: ML.Quezon St. Hagunoy Taguig City
Mobile #: 09164246754
Email: chloecartoners@yahoo.com
Simple Message: So inspiring. Keep inspiring others.

 Name: Sena S. Wagano
Address: Amoranto Q.C
Mobile #: 090570288570
Email: wagano_s@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Thankyou for coming and featuring our voice acting workshop. I hope to be like you someday, because I am a fellow voice artist. Thankyou for inspiring me to be a better voice artist!

 Name: Ma. Anjela V. Palisac
Address: Brgy. Sta. Cruz Makati City
Mobile #: 09363190165
Email: anjelapalisac11@gmail.com
Simple Message: Mr. Pocholo Gonzales is an inspiration to the youth. He inspire and involve the youth to use their talents. He informed us how important is our voices. I would be like him someday.

 Name: Mary Clare I. Cumpio
Address: San Pedro Laguna
Mobile #: 09152457902
Email: cumpioclare@rocketmail.com
Simple Message: Continue inspiring young (voice)artists.

 Name: Mary Josephe Andreena Elinon
Address: Paranaque City
Mobile #: 09157559631
Email: andreena_elinon@yahoo.com
Simple Message: You guys are cool. More power!

 Name: Ernest James J. Fraginal
Address: Manila
Mobile #: 09178908558
Email: ejfroginal@yahoo.com
Simple Message: I might not be that good, but Im interested in video game, dubbing

 Name: Francois Gem C. Muncal
Address: 8204 Constancia St. Makati
Mobile #: 09157180348
Email: gemmuncalrcj@gmail.com
Simple Message: Sir Pocholo such an amazing talent.

 Name: Patrice Angela M. Perez
Address: Sta. Ana Manila
Mobile #: 09068620840
Email: angelperez1696@y.c
Simple Message: I want to join more of your workshops. I got inspired by how you started to what you are now. I also want to be a voice actor someday. Hoping to be one of the best, too. Soon, thankyou Sir for sharing with us your experiences and knowledge through the years.

 Name: Ofalyn Ellar
Address: Pateros Manila
Mobile #: 09154775182
Email: ofalyn_ellar@yahoo.com
Simple Message: More power to the Voice of the Youth as each one of us can inspire a lot of people.

 Name: Regine Ysabel C. Santiago
Address: San Andres Bukid Manila
Mobile #: 09061763713
Email: ysabelsantiago@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Continue being a inspiration and a mentor to the youth.

 Name: Kennie Anne B. Valdez
Address: Tondo Manila
Mobile #: 09176179285
Simple Message: Thankyou for facilatating us, for sharing what have you done in our industry.

 Name: Krryss Lanz C. Virrey
Address: Novaliches Quezon City
Mobile #: 09272695056
Email: khyrss_virrey@yahoo.com
Simple Message: It was a fun seminar, thankyou po! Continue to inspire the youth not only the comm students. Godbless po!

 Name: Mary Alice M. Sucaldito
Address: Paranaque City
Mobile #: 09268872029
Email: maryalicesucaldito@gmail.com
Simple Message: Keep on inspiring and empowering the youth, share your art!

 Name: Kristte E. Coloquio
Address: Imus Cavite
Mobile #: 09271285520
Email: kcoloquio@gmail.com
Simple Message: Ang galing ni sir Pocholo! Kudos! Two thumbs up!
Passion+Talent+Innovation= Pocholo "Voice Master" De Leon Gonzales

 Name: Christina P. Riazo
Address: Sta. Cruz Manila
Mobile #: 09055599162
Email: riazochristina@yahoo.com.ph
Simple Message: Godbless! I had fun and much knowledge.

 Name: Joanne Grace T. Gutierrez
Address: Marilao Bulacan
Mobile #: 09358862079
Email: joannegutierrez.09@gmail.com
Simple Message: Super ganda ng talk today. I appreciate the talk today, it inspires me for my passion in hosting & public speaking.

 Name: Jan Aron L. Olabarrieta
Address: Pandacan Manila
Mobile #: 09178027227
Email: aronolabarrieta@gmail.com
Simple Message: Keep on inspiring young dubbers/broadcasters.

 Name: Lea Marie G. Dumaniel
Address: Bacoor City Cavite
Mobile #: 09163672592
Email: mariedumaniel@yahoo.com
Simple Message: I was inspired to showcase my talent because of you!

 Name: Myka Dominique Go Siy
Address: Manila
Mobile #: 09264028073
Email: siydom88@gmail.com
Simple Message: Thankyou so much  for the opportunity to share your experience and knowledge to us. May you inspire more people especially the youth now a days. Godbless you Sir! More blessings to come.

 Name: Ma. Alyssa Bianca R. Galban
Address: Paranaque City
Mobile #: 09154898937
Email: yssagalban@gmail.com
Simple Message: I have no experience in voice acting, but I would love to learn more about it and to experience my own voice.

 Name: Barmae Chua
Address: Caloocan City
Mobile #: 09399197309
Email: baicachua@yahoo.com
Simple Message: I learned a lot about pochology 101 and I am now inspired to practice and use my voice in relationn to my course. Kuya Pocholo is awesome! I love his voice. The real one though.

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