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 Name: Jennie Rose A. Lapuz
Address: 24 Ruhale St. Calzada Tipas, Taguig City
Mobile: 09263979949
Email: Jennieroselapuz08@yahoo.com
Message: Mr. Pocholo Gonzales, sana ikaw na lang po palage ang speaker pag may seminar. God bless. I LOVE YOU

 Name: Yusop Malang
Email: malangyusop2yahoo.com / Twitter @yhusoph
Message:Hi sir Pocholo, thank you for giving us again inspiration I hope this will not be the last. Stay happy. God bless.

 Name: Kim Adrian M.
Address: 6081 Garcia St. South Cembo Mkt.
Mobile no. 09192411741 / 738-77-23
Email: kimkim_susi20@yahoo.com
Message: Magaling ka kuya ang astig haha! Your so amazing and sana magpatuloy pa ang kagalingan mo wish you all the best. Good luck!
 Name: Dominique C. Ramos
Age: 18 years old
Mobile: 09065491727
Message: I am now your biggest fan! OMG! Hope to have time to get to know you more and your projects.
 Name: Reylan Carlos Cabrera
Mobile: 09095015691
Email: lhanz_bluecharm@yahoo.com
Message: May I invite you some time for talk for some of our colegio seminar? (Letran Bathan)
Thank you in advance.
 Name:  Mark Janscen E. Bautista
Address: #11 Arroyo St. Sta Barbara, Iloilo
Mobile: 09091293920
Email: kram.necsnaj@gmail.com

Message: This simply message has the will to be the part of your group and i'm really dedicated and
 motivated to be one .

 Name: Pamela Moens
Address: Pasig City
Mobile: 09173060519
Message: You have a great talent in inspiring and motivating the people around you. thank you for sharing such a wonderful gift. Keep on inspiring people! God bless!
 Name: John Robyn I. Hernandez
Address: Calomboyan, San Zuintin, Pangasinan
Mobile: 09159757150
Email: his_09@yahoo.com
Message: We're moved by your talk. It is indeed a SUPERB talk. Let me share you my favorite quote "Faith can move mountains".
 Name: Patricia Busa
Mobile: 09175959935
Email: patriciabusa@gmail.com
Message: Hi Sir Pocholo, We would like to express our gratitude for inspiring us future doctor, to be confident in all the things we want to aspire. I hope that you will continue to motivate other people.

 Name: Wiliam M. Serrano
Address: BOAC Marinduque
Mobile no. 09308543947
Email: Prince.017@gmail.com
Message: Ipagpatuloy nyo lang po ang iyong ginagawa at alam ko pong marami mong matutulong ang mga taong nangangailangan ng tulad nyo thank you and God bless.

 Name: Jogie A. Martinez
Address: Gulod Lemery, Batangas
Mobile: 0905778991
Email: jogiemartinez12@yahoo.com
Message: Sir, please give me a chance to be part of your world. The ''world of voive". It has been my dream to become a broadcaster and dubber someday. Please Sir.
 Name: Camille S. Frias
Address: Bangbang, Gasan, Marinduque
Mobile: 09074805524
Email: frias.camille@yahoo.com
Message: Mr. Pocholo Gonzales' talk is so inspiring. -feeling inspired #keyword

 Name: Princess M. Lastra
Address: Nangka II, Mogpog, Marinduque
Mobile: 09397995360
Email: princezlastra@gmail.com
Message: Sir Pocholo, Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge to us. For me this is the best.

 Name: Mariel Abdon
Address: #963 Sitio Kalawiran, Sto Rosario, Paombong, Bulacan
Mobile: 09353054611
Message: Hello Sir Cholo!  Thank you for giving us an inspiring talk today. Thanks for allowing us to dream and soar high like a kite. You're such an amazing man. Keep up the good  work sir! More power to come sir. God bless po.

 Name: Shaira R. Ibasco
Email: Shairaregenio@rocketmail.com
Mobile no. 09077190741
Address: Taguig City
Message: Hi Mr. Pocholo! Your an inspiration for us youth who learn a lot for to days experience with you. So please keep doing this being kind, motivating, humble person as you are.

 Name: Bentillo, Angeline Ebajo
Address: Brgy. Bagacay, Igabaras, Iloilo
Mobile: 09269143929
Email: anjelineebajo@yahoo.com
Message: I'm glad to be the part of this leadership training. And it's my pleasure to come and partakes to this seminar.

 Name:Laurie Grace A. Flores
Address: Dumantay, Batangas City
Mobile: 09214596272
Message: Thank you and I'm glad you're one of our speaker here in BITS Seminar. I admire your voice talent and achievements. More power.
Email: laurie-july297@yahoo.com.ph

 Name: Jefany D. Deposa
Mobile: 09358789280
Address: Laroche Sindangan, Zamboanga Del Norte
Email: deposajefany@yahoo.com
Message: You inspired me. Thank you for the knowledge that you've given to us. You are so talented and an exceptional person.

Name: Sol L. Dinlayan
Message: Lately, I decided to change my teaching style because my audience is getting bigger and younger. Aside from being an assistant professor in the university, I'm also a Sunday school teacher for 6-12 years old children and have planned out have and would buy my own LDP and replace my 5-year old laptop just to improve my teaching style and have already arranged with somebody who would do tutorials for me on manipulating and maximizing the use of mass media. I'm excited.
What I've heard this morning is a confirmation from the Voice Master is a confirmation of these plans.

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