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 Name: Joy Arisgado
Address: #28 Purok 1 Silverio Compd. Sucat Pque. City
Mobile no. 09469838576
Email: arisgado10@gmail.com
Message: Ang galing nyo pong magdubbing at gumawa ng mga boses. Salamt po sa pagshishare ng mga learnings nyo samin.

Name: Rolan B. Canada
Address: Dacudao Calinan Davao, City
Email: canada_rolan@yahoo.com
Message: Sir thank you for giving us the knowledge and the idea how voice is very important in daily

 Name: Valenzona, April-lyn P.
Address: 075 Block 1, Lot 2 Planas Ville, Tunasan, Muntinlupa City
Mobile: 09362415142
Simple message: Sir, I hope we each other again in some other time. Thanks for your motivational message and Godbless!

 Name: Rashele Bachoco
Address: Bacolod City
Mobile #: 09152503728
Email: Brashele@gmail.com
Message: Thank you for more knowledge and experiences you've shared to us.

 Name: Joan Neanz Q. Pateño
Address: Brgy. Bantayanan Calatrava, Negros Occidental
Email: JoanPateno77@gmail.com
Mobile #: 09753011356
Simple message: Please follew me on twitter and instagram @yumikoneanzz24 (IG) (facebook) Neanz Pateño. I'll follow you din po. Pa-picturena din po. You're a very nice speaker and I'd enjoy a lot. Hope to see you again po.

 Name: Rena G. Caromayan
Address: Espinos Phase 11 Brgy. Tacoling B.C
Mobile #: 09487264799
Email: zainjean17@yahoo.com
Simple message: Thank you so much to your time for being shared your experience and knowledge to us

 Name: Nick Cordova Jr.
Address: Bacolod City
Mobile: 009469950861
Email: Nick11_cordova96@yahoo.com
Message: Thank you for your speech that makes us inspire and motivated.

 Name: Cristel Brazona
Address: Brgy. Lo-ok, Calatrava, Neg. Occ.
Mobile: 09193555987
Email: cristelbrazona@yahoo.com
Simple message: I am very happy that we are given a chance to meet you. You are very inspiring. Please continue inspiring other people. Godbless.
 Name: Kate Marielle S. Bayog
Address: Sitio Lomboy Brgy. Caliban Munaq, Neg. Occ.
Mobile#: 09497051003
Email: Princess Kate Marielle@yahoo.com
            Kate Marielle S. Bayog @yahoo.com
Message: Best speaker. Keep it up!!

 Name: Wen Mike G. Mayapan
Address: Lily St. Prk. Riverside Brgy. Bata, Bacolod City
Mobile no. 09282187464
Email: kristmike_tw@ahoo.com
Simple message: Best speaker I've ever watched.
 Name: Erica Jean Susal
Address:1402 Geneva St. Itelvetia Heights, Villamonte, Bacolod City
Mobile no. 09125392129
Email: ejsusal@yahoo.com
Simple message: You are a best speaker I've meet. I'm looking forward to the next conference. Godbless. And thank you for all the knowledge that you've shared with us.

 Name: Blessy D. Miranda
Mobile: 09489764314
Address: Hervias II Brgy. Villamonte Bacolod City
Simple message: My only simple message is thank you for inspiring the Youth Filipino and for the whole Philippines.
 Name:Therese Angell Jamllarin
Address: Bago City
Mobile no. 09369233049
Email: tjamilarin@gmail.com
Simple message: I was inspired and motivated to achieve the idea that comes into my mind for what will I become in the near future.
 Name: Jezel Dar Mae P. Martelino
Address: Blk 3 Lot #27 Camela Valley Homes Talisay City Bcld.
Email: Ezelrad@yahoo.com
Simple message: "Creating and innovating leads to much easier and useful things." -JDM- created
 Name: Jonel D. Francisco
Age: 16 yrs old
Address: Brgy. Pa-on Estancia Iloilo
Email: joneldelossantos466@yahoo.com
Simple message: Gusto ko pang maraming malalaman kung paano maging awesome leaders at kung ano ang gagawin.

Name: Eve O. Connor
Address: 45C Visayas Ave. Project 6 Q.C
Tel. no. 332-0627
Email: eveoconnor@yahoo.com
Simple message: I am a nurse studied in UK. Left philippines at the age of 17 years old because 
having lost my father at very young age,my mission is to help my siblings and my community.

Name: Dela Cruz,  Jansenn@ymail.com
Email: angel_denyse@ymail.com
Mobile no. 09095038078
Message: Super entertaining yung talk mo po. Parang ayaw ko na matapos.

 Name: Cortez, Roxanne Cruz
Age: 20yrs.old
Address: 18-C Apple St. Taguig City New Lower
Email: anne_cortez143@y.c
Mobile no. 09106373324/09397044031
Message: Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience . I realized something different.

Name:  Faith Lalaine G. Cabahug
Address: Blk.33 Lot 28 Phase2, Pinagsama Village, Taguig City
Mobile no. 09391879719
Email: faithlalainecabahug@yahoo.com
Simple message: Nakakainispire yung mga sinabi ni Kuya Pocholo in a way na nakakatawa rin.

Name: Sharen 0. Maling
Address: Capayang, Mogpog, Marinduque
Mobile: 09309015748
Email: sharen almonte maling@yahoo.com/ catalea arden drew
Simple message: Thank you for sharing your knowledge to us. I hope i can be a better person 
liked you. It's my pleasure to met you.

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