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Name: Jan Joseph S. Sta. Cruz
Address: LapoLapo 2nd San Jose Bats
Mobile #: 09099466919
Email: sta.cruzvon@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Sir Pocholo I want to be like you. Your AWESOME!

Name: Jennylyn M. Octabio
Mobile #: 09154792826
Simple Message:  Im inspired to you miss ang Im interested about the voice of the youth network. For me, it sounds fun and I want to join. Thank You!

Name: Mepzie M. Maldonado
Address: Malagonlong Lipa City
Mobile #: 09399699824
Email: mepziemaldonado_05@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Thankyou for sharing your knowledge & wisdom to us. Stay humble & helping others. More strength & power to you & your family.

Name: Rommic Llanasa
Address: Naasag Mambajao Camiguin Province 
Mobile #: 09168822940
Email: rommicllanasa@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Thankyou so much Sir Pocholo for your great contributions, for having been inspiring Youths like us. The Philippines is very lucky of having a unique advocate like you. You are indeed the voice of every Filipino Youth.

Name: Mary Stephanie E. King
Address: Poblacion Sagay Camiguin Province
Mobile #: 09353266752
Email: kingstephanie@gmail.com
Simple Message: May you continue inspiring all the youth around the globe. Maybe in some time you can visit our school and inspired a lot of youngsters. Thankyou! Godbless!

Name: Pauline Kaye Mirasol
Address: Tabaco City
Mobile #: 09353860059
Email: symphonysoldier03@gmail.com
Simple Message: Thankyou for inspiring and sharing your Ideas to us. Godbless! I would be honored to be a part of voice of the Youth Network.

Name: Mary Jessa T. Eustaria
Address: 428 Pag-asa St. San Roque Daraga Albay
Mobile #: 09351652003
Email: jessa.eustaria@gmail.com
Simple Message: I know I can do something and even become something like all the successful ones. Followng God's will I also want to create impact while Im still young!

Name: Anie Rose P. Lomibao
Address: Daraga Albay
Mobile #: 09076705236
Email: anieroselomibao077@gmail.com
Simple Message: Thankyou for sharing your stories with us. You are such an inspiration to the Youth.

Name: Joey T. Pacatang
Address: Dipolog City
Mobile #: 09108305717
Email: pacatang_joey@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Sir, you inspire us to make our passion as our profession. Please help us to develop and bring it to the next level. Godbless you! Thankyou Sir!

Name: Niacyl Joy A. Omita 
Address: Poblacion Sta.Cruz Sindargan Zamboanga Del Norte
Mobile #: 09463347838
Simple Message: I want to try to become a Radio Artist such as Drama.

Name: Giselle Margui A. Ancheta
Address: #649 Protacio Ext Camia St. Pasay City
Mobile #: 09358336295
Email: frustratedlover_25@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Our voices can make a huge difference.

Name: Selya S. Nagano
Address: 3B Lunas St Brgy. Amoranto Q.C
Mobile #: 09057028570
Email: nagano_s@yahoo.com
Simple Message: You guys are great and I hope we can work together someday. Yehey!

Name: Nicole Lois J. Lozano
Address: 2261 Unit E Pasigline Sta. Ana, Manila
Mobile #: 09368020051
Simple Message: I find it fun and interesting to be a part of your team. Looking forward to work with you guys!

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