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Name: Rodjane S. Velasco
Address: Gulayon, Dipolog City
Mobile #: 09989898817
Email: velasco.rodjane@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Thankyou for inspiring me to do what I want todo and knowing that I can make a change in my own little ways. And I am willing to join your organization.

 Name: Nikko S. Calasang
Address: Ma. Cristina Dapitan City
Mobile #: 09475190797
Simple Message: My biggest dream to fulfill is to become one of the well-known prominent voices here in the Philippines such as radio anchors, tv anchors, reporters for me to speak and cruy out what's really the best within me. Godbless us all!
 Name: Anabel B. Capales
Mobile #: 09467662464
Email: capales_anabel@yahoo.com
Simple Message: I want to help and educate childrens
 Name: Jdeniel J. Tusi
Address: Bolbok Lipa City
Mobile #: 09465566802
Email: jomel_tusi@yahoo.com
Simple Message: You're so very amazing and I want to become like you someday.
Name: Dona S. Bonavente
Mobile #: 09262504409
Simple Message: Thankyou po sa sinabi niyo na feel the fear but do it anyway na-encourage po ako. Salamat ate ada. Godbless po!
Name: Mariz Joy Santiago
Address: Purok 5 Longos, Calumpit Bulacan
Mobile #: 09068524794
Simple Message: Ang galing niyo po na speaker. Hindi po nakakaantok. And ang galing din po ng voice nyo, I hope isa din ako sa sa maturuan nyo mukha po kasing masaya at maganda rin pona madevelop yung boses namin or ako po kahit na hindi maganda yung boses ko. I hope po na mas marami pa kayong mainspire na mg kabataan. Yun lang po. Godbless!
 Name: Danica Shane T. San Pablo
Address: #192 Buenavista Sta. Maria Bulacan
Mobile #: 09359701061
Email: danica_18_sanpablo@yahoo.com
Simple Message: My only dream is to be an inspiration to many people someday.
 Name: Jazmin Manlapaz
Address: #052 Villarama St. Marungko Angat Bulacan
Mobile #: 09358634658
Email: jazminmanlapaz@ymail.com
Simple Message: As a tourism student, I want to work in the industry someday, and that requires self-confidence. I want to build up my confidence because Im really on shy type person and I don't believe on myself to what I can do.
 Name: Gail Mercado Bacate
Address: Brgy. Atulbola Mabalacat Pampanga
Mobile #: 09269331947
Email: jeeliitoz@gmail.com
Simple Message: Thankyou sir! Hope to see you again. Yung time na successful nako like you. Godbles you! Sana hindi lang kami yung mainspire mo. Magiging motivation kita para maging successfull akong tao someday.
 Name: Royette P. Estrada
Address: Santiago Apalit Pampanga
Email: royette.estrada@yahoo.com
Simple Message: To sir Pocholo, thankyou for your inspirasyonal msg. Ako po yung taong mahina ang loob, ako po yung walang tiwala sa sarili pero sabi nyo sir na we have wonderful inside now. I just want to be your friend on fb and I want to read more inspirational message to you. I am success and fruitfull to other. Godbless!
 Name: Evangeline P. Santos
Address: 060 Purok IA San Juan Apalit Pampanga
Mobile #: 09169032085
Email: evangelinesantos70@y.c
Simple Message: Gusto ko pong mapractice yung speaking skills ko po.
 Name: Gloreycethea D. Garcia
Address: Partida San Miguel Bulacan
Mobile #: 09075385460
Email: gloreycethe_30@yahoo.com
Simple Message: I want to be the person I always see in my mind. Confusing? Yes, it is. But I really, really, really want to be someone I want myself to be. Can't figure things up at the moment, but I know that you and your advocacy can help me set my mind. thanks a lot. #AlDubYou.
 Name: Glenda E. Minanes
Address:  Bustos Bulacan
Mobile #: 09058604650
Email: starelessnight_08@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Thankyou for sharing your knowledge to us. Nakakahamon po yung message nyo. Im so thankful to be part of this. Godbless! You're so great AWESOME.
Gusto ko pong maging isang successfull and globally competitive business woman, having my own restaurant or company. Kaso po parang hindi ko pa pong ganoong mahawakan ang pangarap ko. Thankyou sir for giving your time o all of us and to give some tips. You are so kind and I love the way you talk.

 Name: Joshua R. Oducado
Address: Happy homes Carraga Iloilo
Mobile #: 09178087621
Email: icodesvitautoracle@gmail.com
Simple Message: I believe in change, no matter who or what you are. I believe  that I could change people. P.S: The best talaga yung voice over mo.
 Name: John Carlo Castr Alejo
Address: Mabini St. Bagumbayan  Ligao City
Mobile #: 09485448984
Email: whiteangel1119@yahoo.com
Simple Message: WOW! What a great experience to have a smart speaker ever. Thankyou Sir! Hope to hear more about you sir.
 Name: Wilfred F. Paller
Address: VBrgy. Yapak Boracay Is Malay Aklan
Mobile #: 09129754689
Email: wilfred_paller@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Wow! You remind me to stay on the right track. We only live once, Its my opportunity to meet and listen to you.
 Name: Vaeda S. Ballesteros
Address: My view Balibago A.C
Mobile #: 09753862132
Email: Biveangel_vae02@y.c
Simple Message: Thankyou po dahil naging isa po kayo sa mga speaker ngayon sa Conference na ito. i know na very good singer ka din po kasi you have a very good voice. Add niyo po ako ha. I have some singing videos po sa FB ko. Baka sakali lang po para maenhance yung talent ko. Thankyou!
 Name: Jenalyn F. Robles
Address: Camachiles Mabalacat City
Mobile #: 09366682060
Simple Message: Thankyou for your time. Always take care  and Godbless you po always. Hope hindi po ito yung last naten na pagkikita.
 Name:  Chriztal Angel D. Cabrera
Address: San Joaquin Mabalacat Pampanga
Mobile #: 09354814426
Email: Chriztalangelcabrera@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Continue inspire youth people because maraming kabataan poo talaga na wala pong vision, pangarap talaga sa buhay o hindi po talaga alam ang kahihinatnan ng kanilang buhay. Ako po ay nainspire at na motivate sa inyong kakayahan. Godbless!
 Name: Sarah B. Sarmiento
Address: Purok 3 Lumang Bayan, Plaridel Bulacan
Email: sarahsarmiento_11@yahoo.com
Simple Message: I wan to be more motivated with a humble & sincere heart. Looking forward to see myself be a successful one with  a presence of God inside and having a deeper intimate relationship  with him.
 Name: Manoah Ruth S. Chan
Mobile #: 09351586028
Email: ruthchan4@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Salamat po sa pagpunta mo dito sa seminar ng BUISU. Congratulations posa lahat ng achievements mo. Keep it up. Godbless!
 Name: Annalyn A. Legados
Address: Olingan, Dipdog City
Mobile #: 09072951348
Email: nlyanna_18@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Its a big opportunity to be part of this event. To Sir Pocholo, Thankyou for sharing your knowledge to us. I've learned a lot.
 Name: Hazel Mae C. Remollo
Address: Biasong Padre Ramon St. D.C
Mobile #: 09193272135
Email: hazelmae_remollo@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Gusto ko po sanang maging isang successful business woman someday. Thankyou!
Name: Regine Baya Alanano
Address: Palid Conception Sind Zambo DN
Mobile #: 09462978135
Email: reginealanano_07@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Hi! Mr. Voice Master you encourage us especially me to do more. Thnkyou so much for awaken us.

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