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 Name: Jingky D. Benitez
Address: #8 Lirio Street De Castro Pasig City
Email: jingky.benitez@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Agaling galing ni sir pocholo magsalita, nakakainspire talaga. Keep it up and Godbless you!
 Name: Donna Mae Fernandez
Address: Hda. Conchita, San Dionisio Iloilo
Mobile #: 09058619290
Email: crystashell18@yahoo.com
Simple Message: A true leader embraces his flaws but does not focus in them, he tries to excel even in the most complicated and hopeless situation.
 Name: Lhercy Anne A. Cotoner
Address: #21DVia Veneto St. San Francisco Village, Brgy. Muzon Taytay Rizal
Mobile #: 09175539059
Email: lhercyannecotoner@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Hi! I am very inspired to join in your voice of the youth network. It would be my honor to be a part of such amazing group of youth using their voices. I am hoping that you guys will let me jumpin. Thankyou very much & Godbless!
 Name: Adrin G. Cueto
Address: Sn Isidro, Taysan Batangas
Mobile #: 09996641103
Email: aldrincueto@yahoo.com
Simple Message: You are a great speaker. Thanks for being part of this. Thankyou for sharing your life to being a "Voice Master". Someday I want to be like you. NICE, GOOD, GREAT
 Name: Opalyn J. Palaganas
Address: DMM, Bayombong Nueva Vizcaya
Mobile #: 09262601015
Email: opalyn_palaganas@y.c
Simple Message: "You really inspired me! Thankyou so much. Im so great that Im one of your audience.
 Name:  Marie Joy B. Elli
Address: Barriada, Legazpi City
Mobile #: 09487115753
Email: mariejoy.elli@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Its such an honor to be with you & to share your experiences and great knowledge wit us. We're so lucky that this opportunity came to us to hear your super speech.
 Name: Mary Grace G. Mataac
Address: Bamban, Boac Marinduque
Mobile #: 09467404643
Email: marygracemataac@gmail.com
Simple Message: We, the Youths should empower towards the others. Appreciate the people who always at our side, insert new insights and value which we may use when its already our time to do something in order to achieve our dreams and Thankyou @pochologonzales.
 Name: Janet L. Ventura
Address: Daypay, Boac Marinduque
Mobile #: 09482492080
Email: jhenet_12@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Noong una po wala akong alam kung ano ang course ko. Kasi po noon po tlaga educ ang gusto ko, kaya lang po naubusan ako ng slot. Kaya po nag ABComm ako dahil sinabi lang ng pinsan ko.Nagbabalak po akong lumipat kapag 2nd year na ako. Kaya lang po dahil sa inyo ayaw ko na po lumipat dahil ito na ang gusto ko. Sana po soon makapagwork ako sa inyo. Salamat po sa lahat ng mga sinabi niyo ng dahil po sa inyo ms nalaman ko ang gusto ko at ang pagigng BAComm po yun.
 Name: Kristine Jyssys Historillo
Address: Amoingon, Boac Marinduque
Mobile #: 09999014614
Email: kristinejyssy@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Inspirasyon ka po par sa amin/sa akin. Thankyou po kasi marami akong natutunan at may narealize ako about sa sarili ko. Thankyou so much!
 Name: Honelyn S. Mantaring
Address: Agot, Boac Marinduque
Mobile #: 09304029459
Email: honelyn_mantaring@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Thankyou po sir Pocholo Gonzalez for sharing your experience and knowledge. Its really inspiring po. Lahat po ng sinabi niyo ay talaga pong may matutunan. Thankyou po sa pagbisita sa probinsya.
 Name: Shaira Lopez
Address: Quezon City
Mobile #: 09434464091
Email: hyrash16@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Hi! I enjoyed your talk. Grabe ang galing nyo pong mag voice acting. Sana matuto din ako ng voice acting.
 Name: MaryJane Alfeche
Address: 3g5 Int. B. Morada Ave. Lipa City Batangas
Mobile #: 09485249141
Email: bimpdjanealfeche@yahoo.com
Simple Message: INSPIRING! Nakakaoverwhelmed. Gusto ko pong magsalita at makita po kayo ulit, dahil first time ko pong naka encounter ng isang speaker na napakagaling. Thanks a lot po. Please po take care.

 Name: Mayla June 
Simple Message: OMG! You're a really good speacker sir. I am really nterested to be a broadcaster because it is really my first love. I hope that you can help me to reach this dream. Godbless!
 Name: Jenny Joy L. Porcincula
Address: 50-A Ilaya St. Alabang Mun. City
Mobile #: 09305663070
Email: porcinculajennyjoy@yahoo.com
Simple Message: I am very proud of you, your achievements and more. You inspire me so much. Thankyou for sharing your thoughts.
 Name: Roan Joy O. Corea
Address: Villa Leoncia Comp Taal, Pulilan Bulacan
Mobile #: 09067982007
Email: roanjoy_corea29@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Thankyou because you are the one you guest this seminar. Because of you Im inspired to study hard to serve other in the future. Sabi mo nga nag-aaral kame para sa ibang tao pati sa pamilya ko.
 Name: Kris Mae T. Meneses
Mobile #: 09359424240
Email: krismae.meneses@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Sa lahat ng naattend-an kong seminar ikaw po ang the BEST SPEAKER! Godbless Sir. Always praise and thanks our Lord for what you are and have right now. Thankyou po! You leave a light.
 Name: Winabelle D. Magsino
Address: 19 st blk 44 lt 4 Ph .l Madapdap resettlement mbtc city pampanga
Mobile #: 09752427787
Email: magsinowinabelle@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Hello Sir! You're a good speaker, your not boring. You're very talented & intelligent take good care of yourself always, I learned a lot to you. Thankyou sir! Godbless.
 Name: Pauline Y. Decino
Address: Purok # 1028 Bical Mabalacat City
Mobile #: 09265762003
Simple Message: Salamat po sa lahat you make me inspired. At madami po akong natutunan napakagaling niyo po. Thankyou po again. Godbless! Ito po yung day na hindi ko makakalimutan sobra.
 Name: Rosemaie Dela Cruz
Address:#096 Sulok St. Brgy Bagna City of Malolos, Bulacan
Mobile #: 09165304875
Simple Message: Thankyou very much because in just a short period of time I've learned so many things from you including to believe in ourselves. Sorry if we underestimated you earlier because of the very long introduction. You are truly a Voice Master.
Name: Angelica Jucel G. Baez
Address: Tenejero, Pulilan Bulacan
Mobile #: 09332398385
Simple Message: Thankyou for being here to be our guest speaker.Kuya Pocholo Im a Kpop lover, One of my dreams po ay makapunta sa Korea and to meet my bias groups, BTS

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