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Name: Ellen Mae B. Delfin
Address: Imbang Pequeno, San Enrique, Iloilo
Mobile #: 09302049941
Email: meil0522@yahoo.com
 Message: The talk about "Voice Care for Teachers" is very informative. It gives us teachers ideas and knowledge abot voice problems and how to take care and prevent acquire such illness. Through the assessment given, we were able to analyze whether we have voice problems/illness.

Name: Jeanne B. Asignacion
Address: Balasan NHS
Mobile: 09186558640
Email: jeanne.asignacion@yahoo.com
Message: Voice Care for Teachers Program is very important for our teaching career. Thank you very much for the very useful and informative lecture to care our voice.

 Name: Marissa S. Ares
Address: Balibagan Este, Sta. Barbara, Iloilo
Mobile: 09076330480
Email: assiramares@yahoo.com
Message: Now I know how to take care my voice, thank you so much sir Pocholo for sharing your expertise and knowledge. Good luck and more power.

 Name: Myrrh T. Train
Address: Dalid Nat'l High School Alimodian, Iloilo
Mobile: 09085260630
Email: myrrh_train1030@yahoo.com
Message: Thank you for sharing your ideas and or giving us some tips on taking care of our voice. It will really help us a lot. More power and God bless.

 Name: Desirre D. Azucena
Address: Tambaliza, Concepcion, Iloilo
Mobile: 09213084344
Message: I am so thankful that I learned a lot of things how to care of my voice especially this time that I encountered some symptoms that you've shown in this seminar. Thank you very much sir Pocholo for sharing your ideas.

 Name: Honorata G. Moleta
Address: Palaca- Damalisan Natl. High School
Mobile: 09294841316
Message: I've learned how to take care of my voice and use it to influence and capture students attention. Thank you Sir.

 Name: Jaklyn B. Sunga
Address: Punta, Carles, Iloilo
Mobile: 09218268897
Email: jarlyn_nova@yahoo.com
Message: Your topics were very nice. But time is not enough. Please share naman through my email address, jarlyn_nova@yahoo.com. Thank you very much.
                I really appreciate you sir Pocholo. I like your talent, that seldom can anyone have this. Yah,God is really good and wonderful. Everyone of us has its own talents/gifts He had given to us. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Keep up the good work. God bless you always and your family
 Name: Herbia Joy I. Buhayan
Address: Punta, Carles, Iloilo
Mobile: 09103250903
Email: herbiajoy08@yahoo.com
Message: You are awesome! Thank you sir for that wonderful voice. We learned and enjoy. God bless our voice and health as a whole. To God Be the Glory.

 Name: Ariene Duero Arnejo
Address: Northville IV, Marilao, Bulacan
Mobile: 09193754295
Email: mitcharnejo@gmail.com
Message: Thank you for coming here in our school eve without professional fee. ang galing nyo po. Di ko po namalayang lumilipas yung oras nung nagsasalita kayo.
Name: Michelle B. Mallorca
Address: Camp ola, Legazpi City
Mobile: 09082256272
Email: mallorca.michelle@gmail.com
Message: Thank you for joining us today. It is a very good opportunity to meet you in person. As a management student, there is no reason that I also part of your youth voice artist./Voice of the Youth radio.

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