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Name: Archie M. Guyo
Address: Labonan Boyabong Oriental Mindoro
Mobile #:  09067659784
Email: archiemaligo@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Thanks for sharing to us your knowledge! We enjoy it

Name: Ezra Kyu B. Villanueva
Email: vezrakyu@gmail.com
Simple Message: To improve communication skills for global competitiveneur.

Name: Benjielyn V. Roxas
Address: Loyal Victoria Or. Mindoro
Mobile #: 09752382725
Email: roxasjherlyn08@gmail.com
Simple Message: Sir, you're so great I idolized you. I really learned about you and was motivated with the thoughts you've shared. What I want to be someday is to be a successful businesswoman though Im taking up an education course. Thankyou and Godbless!

Name: Shiela A. Recana
Address: Masipit Calapan City
Mobile #: 09072900324
Email: sskimshie371@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Someday I hope so to be one like you who is really successful one nowadays. Although not like your talent but exploring & innovating I show my hidden one. Thanks!

Name: Kristelle Guese
Address: Cupang Arayat Pampanga
Email: kristelleguese@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Naks! Galing kuya choy hahaha. Thankyou sa pagmotivated sa amin. We will meet meet again kuya choy promise! Future pharmacist here!

Name: Adrian P. Soudevilla
Address: San Juan Apalit Pampanga
Mobile #: 09366191920
Simple Message: I want to know my purpose to live & to know my talent too like your Mr. Pocholo G. Godbless!

Name: Jerico James I. Tan
Address: Laparan Linamon LDN
Mobile #: 09352603236
Email: jec2x_tan@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Idol! Di ko alam ikaw pala ang nasa likod ng mga boses ng ibang tao at character.

Name: Lovely Andres
Mobile #: 09184225787
Email: lovely_andres@yahoo.com
Simple Message:  It inspires me a lot to dream big and be more passionate on doing things that you love. Thankyou so much Sir for that wonderful speech. I really enjoyed it.

Name: Mary Danmel F. Castre
Address: Purok 16 Canaway Iligan City
Mobile #: 09754880852
Email: marydanmel@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Sobrang humanga ako sa kakayahan niya, sobrang layo ng narating niya sa talent niya. At na inspired ako sa kanya pati sa unang speaker. Sana maging tulad ako nila someday.

Name: Lecel F. Fernandez
Address: Poblacion Lalencia City Bukidnon
Mobile #: 09154573363
Simple Message:  I am very proud of you, not because we have the same family name, but because you are very talented. Im very impressed with your personality.

Name: Jeannieviv D. Perez
Address: Hda. Angelina 1 Victorias City
Mobile #: 09300434473
Email: jeanperez26
Simple Message: Continue of being example to others.

Name: Paula E. Quinto
Address: Lorna St. Tabun Mabalacat City
Mobile #: 09362925600
Email: pauespirituquinto@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Thankyou for giving us some advice and shaing your story about your life. Thankyou so much. Godbless!

Name: Christian R.J S. Acebuche
Address: Sta Cruz Conception Tarlac
Mobile #: 09161516976
Email: christiansantiano51@y.c
Simple Message:  Thankyou kuya Pocholo for motivation us and its a well done for you good job. Sana in the future makasama at makita kita.

Name: Lorena Reyes Sajol
Address: Upper Palalan Lumbia CDOC
Mobile #: 09264742244
Email: lorenz.sajol@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Nandiyan na sayo lahat! Nakakaproud ka. So continue what you are right now and Godbless always!

Name: Alee Rosales
Address: Duquit Mabalacat Pampanga
Mobile #: 09759770768
Email: alectanadel@yahoo.com
Simple Message:  Hi po haha! Keep up the good work. Nakakaenjoy ka po tas nakakablessed ka rin. Thankyou sa message mo pong napakahaba, nagovertime ka na pero ayos lang po yun. I want to learn more from you. Tsaka nagtuturo po ba kayo ng voice lesson? Joke! Continue to inspire other people. Godbles you more!

Name: Mary Grace J. Asuncion
Address: Bagumbayan, Bulakan Bulacan
Mobile #: 09354341976
Simple Message: Gusto ko pong magtravel but wala kaming budget for it and gusto ko din pong maging kasing galing niyo sa pagsasalita even in broadcasting and announcer. Thankyou po sa inspiration talk.

Name: Roi Cedric Lauga
Address: Poblacion Valencia City, Bukidnon
Email: roicedric21@gmail.com
Simple Message:  Thankyou for teaching us that our voice is powerful and availability is the best ability. GBU! Keep inspiring others! Because I am inspired.

Name: Jonna Vee A. Larrobis
Address: Indalasa Malay Balay City
Mobile #: 09092796918
Email: jonnaveelarrobis@yahoo.com
Simple Message: We have learned lot of things from you. Isa pong malaking oportunidad ang maging speaker.

Name: Lyca Azucenas
Address: Sta. Isabel Dipolog City
Mobile #: 09129656710
Email: lycaazucenas@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Your a great speaker! Hoping to see you again. No! I will see you Sir. Godbless!

Name: Candia Jezza Q.
Address: P-II Pob. Cab. Buk
Email: sphinx_jez@y.c
Simple Message: We are lloking forward for you Sir. I hope that you may continue to inspire the other youth or people. As an student I was so thankful & happy that I saw you. More power

Name: Arino, Marianne Claire A
Mobile #:  09071069793
Email: maryanldeyr@gmail.com
Simple Message: I want to know and learn field of acting in radio.

Name: Charlene S. Balmores
Address: B. del Mundo Mansalay Or Mdo
Mobile #: 090647511021
Email: sichaako@gmail.com
Simple Message: Someday I will be a good reporter on Tv.

Name: Ramalila Dasi C. Gaffud
Address: Patas Calapan City Or. Mindoro
Email: ramalilaasi18@gmail.com
Simple Message:  Thankyou for the most amazing and funniest seminar Ihave attended because of you. I want to be wondering around the world starting when I finish college.

Name: Cynthia L. Llanes
Address: Villa Cerveza Vic Or. Mdo
Mobile #: 09128379232
Simple Message: Thankyou po sa pagiging good speaker and sa mga good thoughts po ninyo. After 10 years gusto ko pong maging successful business woman.

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