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 Name: Lorna D. Domingo
Address: Bulacan
Mobile #: 09393785224
Email: lornadelvalle@y.co
Simple Message: IHonestly, I love this kind of seminar and I'am very proud to meet personally the Voice Master Mr. Pocholo Gonzales together with his company team. I wish that you can come to visit our school but unfortunately we dont have no funds for your talent fee. We inspired to all what we heard today and I'm looking forward for another chance to be your audience again. This is the one of the best seminar that I have attended. If given a chance I would like my daughter to experience the voice workshop, she is a 1st yr student in UST taking MedTech.
 Name: Darryl Bautista Ortiz
Address: Makati City
Mobile #: 092671333
Email: darryl_ortiz20@yahoo.com
Simple Message:  Your patience, understanding and humility should act according to your age. Thankyou for sharing your experiences. I hope all of you will share and feel especially in out of town. Good job & Godbless!
  Name: Pamela Dennisse G. Serrano
Mobile #: 09059036087
Email: thelittlewolvergirl@gmail.com
Simple Message: I just want to say that you've encouraged me to love my voice more- that I should be proud of my abilities. (I'm a professional singer in my own way-bathroom singer actually) Thankyou for imparting something extraordinary in my heart. And just wanna tell you that I am interested in the workshop you are in.
  Name: Erika J. Rivera
Mobile #: 09269724498
Email: erika.rivera@gmail.com
Simple Message: Opportunities are always there. We just have to know ourselves, know what we really want to do so that we won't get exhausted in what we're doing. You are what you say.
  Name: Edrian Limbo
Address: Camarines Sur
Mobile #: 09103871754
Email: edrianfanimaya@gmail.com
Simple Message: Thanks a lot and to my family because sila ang inspirational ko.
  Name: Maxilinda M. Vitto
Address: Bacoor Cavite
Mobile #: 09266190926
Simple Message: Thankyou and More power. Keep helping the teachers
  Name: Jenet C. Damaso
Address: Bacoor Cavite
Mobile #: 09178743360
Email: jhenet.caodamaso@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Thankyou so much for the learnings and educating us regarding voice techniques, voice exercises and others. It will be a great help to my profession. Your group is really a blessing to us. Keep up the good work! Godbless.
  Name: Kasey Mae B. Norado
Address: Camarines Sur
Mobile #: 0948700913
Email: khayethiekhate.15@gmail.com
Simple Message: Thankyou for sharing your knowledge we really have FUN Sir. Your really awesome Sir.

Name: Dela Cruz Jason S.
Address: Camarines Sur
Mobile #: 09184173580
Email: jason001@schoology.com
Simple Message: Could I take some opportunities regarding for my potential? Thankyou for inspiring me through words of wisdom. I'll dream, I want to build and live it fully.
 Name: Rochelle S. Regalado
Address: Bacoor City Cavite
Mobile #: 09353122500
Email: rochelle.regalado@ymail.com
Simple Message: Thankyou for this wonderful session, I'am able to learned this about using and how to take care of my voice especially the I'am engage in the  field of teaching.

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