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Name: Pacia Asiana Zarah D.
Address: Sta. Ana Manila
Mobile #: 09275294838
Email: eshapasiyuh@gmail.com
Simple Message:  More power and I hope you can continue to inspire the youth to enhance their skills.
Name: Rose Gabrielle R. Martin
Address: Brgy. West Rembo Makati
Mobile #: 09157531380
Email: rosegabmartin@yahoo.com
Simple Message:   Keep on inspiring youths. Thankyou & Godbless!
 Name: Klaudia Patricia A.Vendivel
Address: Brgy. Sta. Clara Pasay City
Mobile #: 09276342915
Email: diaklau@yahoo.com
Simple Message:  Reach out, speak and be heard.
 Name: Kimberly R. Banas
Address: Paranaque City
Mobile #: 09173418044
Email: banaskim@gmail.com
Simple Message:  I've experienced having Pocholo Gonzales as a speaker already before at UST Podcon 2015
Name: Ceniza, Vernice Roxanne L.
Address: Imus Cavite
Mobile #: 09369662230
Email: vernice.ceniza14@yahoo.com
Simple Message:  My passion for communication is still quiet enexpressed due to lack of opportunities, Im glad that this kind of workshops/talk are being rendered to the youth now a days.
Name: Rossel G. Andaya
Address: Babangonan Victoria Or. Mdo
Mobile #: 09484169549
Email: rosselandaya@yahoo.com
Simple Message: I want to achieve my dream a a success business owner someday that focus on that thing but in God plan for me I will trust his wants and go with the flow to be a successful teacher but at a future for me stays in keeping myself as business woman.

Name: Jessa B. Manalo
Address: Managpi Calapan City
Mobile #: 09204041442
Email: jessamanalo182@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Someday I want to a successful intertarate and specially good programmer and to give a chance voice master like you!

Name: Ann Gelli Love D. Escondo
Address: Alcate Victoria Or Mdo
Mobile #: 09070532860
Email: gelli7_escondo@yahoo.com
Simple Message:  I visualize mmyself in the future as a successful one. But aside from that I want to be a blessing to other people. I want that if I am successful, the people around me would be successful also.
Name: Rodolfo Manalang
Address: Blk 29 Lot 24 Palmayo
Mobile #: 09207201745
Email: rodolfo_1826@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Ahm. Balang araw po makakasama ko kayo kung anong meron kayo magkakaroon din ako. Tenkz for visiting. Welcome anytme.

Name: Milcah F. Marticion
Address: Bigte, Norzagaray Bulacan
Mobile #: 09066011256
Email: jennifer.worth25@y.c
Simple Message:  Now, I should look life in a colorful perspective. Through that, I could discover the extra in my ordinary.

Name: Nova Grace B. Pagtama
Mobile #: 09109608433
Email: novagracebernalpgtama@gmail.com
Simple Message: Ang galing niyo  po Sir Pocholo. Napakainteractive & interesting ng topic. #PochologyRocks

Name: Kesha Criselle Daloga-og Grandez
Address: Gusa, Cagayan de Oro City
Mobile #: 09058410855
Email: keshey37@gmail.com
Simple Message:  Hello Mr. Voice Master! Thankyou for being an Innovator to us an a good model as we step on every challenges of oir life. #IWillLeadInnovation #You'reTheBest

Name: April Shekinah C. Monteza
Address: Camaman-an Cagayan De Oro City
Mobile #: 09164313443
Email: shekinah12_monteza@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Hi sir! Thankyou for making us laugh and making us learn. Nainspire ako dun. Keep it up sir! Keep inspiring others too. Basta sir, Thankyou! #IWillInnovate! P.S: Wag ka sana mangulat sa susunod sir! Lumabas kaya kaluluwa ko dun. Haha!

Name: Cherry Mae C. Dubduban 
Address: Bagacayan Galas, Dipolog City
Mobile #: 09306381028
Email: cherrymaedubduban@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Hello po, kuya salamat po at pinatawa mo kami. Your the best I hope you will keep up the good work and entertain more people.

Name: Bryle ArchieG. Monteza
Email: bryle_ebok@y.co
Simple Message:  Napakagaling niyo pong speaker at napakaganda ponang iyong iinovation. Sana po makasali kami sa programa niyo po. Salamat po.

Name: Jayson D. Roquiana
Address: P.N.B Subdivision 
Mobile #: 09073068699
Email: roquiana_jaydogs@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Sir, proud na proud po ako sayo. Sana maging katulad kita soon. Godbless!

Name: Julia Kristelle Makiling
Address: Brgy. Bata Bacolod City
Mobile #: 09192242858
Email: kristelle_ian19@y.c
Simple Message: I also want to be successful like you!

Name: Miguela Royce C. Lord
Address: P-1A San Miguel Bukidnon
Mobile #: 09093762162
Simple Message: Maraming salamat sa masayang pagkwento mo sa iyong mga karanasan. Wish you all the best and Godbless.

Name: Alberto L. Elan
Address: Minaog Dipolog City
Mobile #: 09122078657
Email: alberta_elan@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Nakakatawa ka Sir at di boring. I like your voice.

Name: Fiona Jean B. Arcano
Address: Poblacion Valencia City Bukidnon
Mobile #: 09278306002
Email: fionajeanarcano@rocketmail.com
Simple Message: This is the first na nakilala kita actually I really don't know you until sinabi mo ikaw ang tao o boses sa likod ng mga nakikita namin sa T.V. You are really trully amazing. You inspire us a lot. Godbless you!

Name: Cecille Delfin
Address: Bunglas Ajuy Iloilo
Mobile #: 09097379432
Email: cecilledelfin14@yahoo.com
Simple Message: You have inspired to become better ;leader and a better Filipino as well. COntinue to inspire others and share with them what you have experienced and what you've got! Godbless.

Name: Nide Rose Gayotayan
Mobile #: 09097293542
Email: espinosa_niderose@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Hindi masama ang mangarap, mangarap ka hanggat kaya mo. Kuya Choi, I want to be a successful person like you. Isang studyante na minsang nangarap para matupad ang pangarap bilng isang broadcaster. Nagtry ko intra sa mga contest like declame, even sa pagbigkas ng mga tula at nagtry man ako hino sang mga script nga  akon gid para ma inpime kag napaki sa tanan.. "Ako simple kastudyante, nga may dreams, nga gusto masabot kag matuman para sa Bright Future ko.

Name: Acaiza Nicole N. Dionela
Mobile #: 09357551140
Email: acaizanicoledionela@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Thankyou for inspiring us with your talk. I am so blessed living with an average family who always supports me.

Name: Charleene Kadoya
Address: Dona Aurora Quezon City 
Mobile #: 09164982390
Email: charleenekadoya2gmail.com
Simple Message: Continue what you've started and make a difference. Thankyou for all.Godbless you!

Name: Denver Cabig
Address: Barosong Tigbauan Iloilo
Mobile #: 09095962338
Simple Message: Thankyou for inspiring us. Expect us to develop our to be a leader and model. May the God bless and take care. All of you!

Name: Mercy G. Murchante
Address: Narra Villapagasa Bansud Oriental Mindoro
Mobile #: 09096548264
Email: cymermurchante@gmail.com
Simple Message: Improve yourself but never change. Be someone better but stay as yourself.

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