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  Name: Larene Gayle C. Quimpo
Address: Guadalupe Nueva Makati City
Mobile #: 09995098943
Email: lorenegayle@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Hi. Napakasaya po dahil kahit sa kaunting oras napasaya niyo po kame. Nakakabilib po yung katotohanang mas pinili niyong magtrabaho sa Pilipinas. Ang galing niyo po at krapat dapat po talaga kayo na tawaging "Voice Maste". Simula bata po ay humahanga na talaga ako sa mga reporter lalo na po yung mga gumagawa documentaries. Umaasa po akong mtuto pa ng marami mula sa inyo. Salamat po!
  Name: Mark Anthony P. Lim
Address: Tarlac City
Mobile #: 09095853995
Email: limmark2013@yahoo.com
Simple Message: It was a great opportunity to listen to the Voice Master of the Philippines. He was able to inspire young individuals to dream more, lead more and serve more by having a vision, a clear vision on his/her own definition of success.
  Name: Laiza Mae Calawigan
Address: Brgy. Bucari Leon Iloilo
Mobile #: 09486613178
Simple Message: A pleasant day to you Kuya Choy! Thankyou for inspiring us and for a short time you spent to us.
 Name: Pauline Laurenz T. Go
Address: Paranaque City
Mobile #: 09214954924
Email: gopauline08@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Hello SIr Pocholo, thankyou po sa mga motivational words and funny jokes. Ang galing niyo po mag iba iba ng boses. Godbless you po!
 Name: Marixethvidanes@gmail.com
Mobile #: 09156651541
Simple Message: Thankyou for your time and may you inspire more people. Godbless!

 Name: James Ian Ngo
Address: Pasig City
Mobile #: 09054244105
Email: jamesian_ngo@yahoo.com
Simple Message:  Thankyou Sir for inspiring us to inspire others. Godbless!
  Name: Dexter N. Guiriba
Address: Guinobatan Albay
Mobile #: 09092181580
Email: dexternguiriba@yahoo.com
Simple Message: You are talented. Keep it up!
  Name: Dan Maryanne L. Lopez
Address: Sampaloc Manila
Mobile #: 09158685650
Email: danmaryannelopez@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Thankyou for inspiring me to become better person in the future. Also, for inspiring me to dream big and pursue it. May you also inspire others! Godbless!
  Name: Jenny Mae S. Seneres
Address: Muntinlupa City
Mobile #: 09165695494
Email: seneresjennymae@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Kuya Pocholo, I really enjoyed your way of communicating with us. I am an outstanding leader & an active volunteer, I really love serving others and advocates youth empowerment! Please keep in touch. Thankyou!
  Name: Yuta Tortosan
Address: Sta. Cruz Manila
Mobile #: 09331334900
Simple Message: Salamat sa pagtalk kanina. Keep going. Continue to inspire us young people
  Name: Analyn B. Binlayo
Address: San Roque Malilipot Albay
Mobile #: 09303782248
Email: analynbanta.binlayo@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Thanks a lot for sharing your talents. Godbless and more power!
  Name: Eliasha Marie Adayo Remalla
Address: San Isidro Camarines Sur
Mobile #: 09466733168
Email: eliashamarieremalla@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Thankyou for inspiring a lot of people. For sharing your knowledges and for making me feel inspired. Thanks for joining us today. Thanks for making  us laugh today. I'd learned a lot from you. You're uch a gifted and talented person. Im really proud of you Mr. Pocholo Gonzales
  Name: Gab Avellana
Address: Brgy. Del Rosario
Mobile #: 09298381885
Email: bianeaavellana@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Hi I love this workshop. Its the best!
 Name: Elma Joy C. Salvador
Address: Polagui Albay
Mobile #: 09499783102
Email: jhoi_salvador@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Thankyou for the information and becoming one of my inspiration the first time I heard your words of wisdom and for your dedication for improving such  potential in ones person and for believing that I maybe one of the youth someday become of inspiration of others. Thankyou & Godbless!
  Name: Russel John A. Vispo
Address: Altura Bata Tanauan City
Mobile #: 09293619847
Email: russelvispo@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Maraming salamat po sa mga pagdalo sa seminar!
  Name: Ghenmiel Raph O. Paradero
Mobile #: 09192221757
Email: panda_marshmallow@gmail.com
Simple Message: I want to become a better person and soar up in the sky to catch my dream. And live with it.
  Name: Maria A. Mercader
Address: F. Blanza Pampanga
Mobile #: 09126726370
Email: grace_nervio109@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Hi kuya Choy, I hope mabasa mo to. Thanks po sa mga tinuro niyo sa amin. Tatandaan ko po yun, sana po maging successful din po ako in the near future like you. Thanks po for inspiring me.
  Name: John Ross M. Masongsong
Address: Balele Tanauan City Batangas
Mobile #: 09302111154
Email: masongsongjohns055@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Sobrang galing wala akong masabe. "Voice Master" Salamat sa mga example ang galing talaga "IDOL" Godbless po!
  Name: Marian V. Gatchalian
Address: San Andres Manila
Mobile #: 09051485197
Email: mayie_gatchalian07@yahoo.com
Simple Message: Thankyou for being our speaker this afternoon. I really enjoyed your talked and learned a lot. Hope to see you again soon. Godbless and Thankyou! #Pochology
  Name: Zaldy V. Papellera
Address: Pa olbo Calabanga Camarines Sur
Mobile #: 09202306103
Email: boboyog6@gmail.com
Simple Message: When the world turn around from you, there is only one person why and that is you permit them to move away from you.
  Name: Loreto R. Morales
Address: Monreal Masbate
Mobile #:09286393202
Email: loretormorales@gmail.com
Simple Message: I believe you're so talented but as you have said you need to believe in yourself for you to succeed. Godbless!
  Name: Beatriz B. Aranez
Address: Brgy. Dalas Labo Camarines Norte
Mobile #: 09288669631
Email: beatrizaranez@yahoo.com
Simple Message:Thankyou for making us so happy and thankyou also for teaching us.
Name: Monina C. Alcantara
Address: Camarines Norte
Mobile #: 09989947262
Email:  monina.alcantara@gmail.com
Simple Message: i want to become an inspiration to my pupils and colleagues, please help. I have already the talent & skills but I need more styles & tips

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