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"State Of The Nation" Featured Puppetry in Lakbay Museo and Interviewed CreatiVoices Productions Team Behind The Show

CreatiVoices Productions team are behind the voices of Barangay Lakbay puppets

Puppetry is an old form of art that seems to be forgotten in the time of technology and the internet. But, this is not the case with the collaboration of CreatiVoices Productions and Lakbay Museo. Together, they formed the puppetry show "Barangay Lakbay" for visitors to the interactive museum, Lakbay Museo.

VoiceMaster in an interview with State of the Nation

Lawrence Tan being interviewed in State of the Nation

As featured last December 18, 2019, in GMA News and Public Affairs show "State Of The Nation with Jessica Soho", they interviewed VoiceMaster Pocholo Gonzales, Lakbay Museo President Lance Tan, and CreatiVoices Productions artists MK Salditos, Jeff Gusayko, and Reymar Peña. They also featured "Barangay Lakbay", the puppetry show featuring original characters from the creativity of the VoiceMaster.

Jeff Gusayko sharing his insights

Reymar Peña voicing out his experiences and opinions

MK Salditos sharing her learnings

Puppetry is a great way to ingrain the value formation and lessons to kids. This is why the partnership of Lakbay Museo and CreatiVoices Productions aims to not just entertain kids in their puppetry show, but also to showcase these values and lessons in a fun and exciting way.

Watch the entire feature on State Of The Nation Address in this video below:

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