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[3 of 3] Fusion of Grit, Passion, and Purpose: Ms. Kathleen Sone’s Realization About Her Blossoming Career And Reasons Behind Starting “Voiceover Flowers”

Ms. Kathleen continues to hone her skills in voice acting without the pressure of speeding up the growth of her career. Despite her young age, she has already achieved a lot of milestones that some people can only dream of. As she looks back on the recent years of her life gaining these big wins, what were the realizations along the way?


An Unplanned Random Funny Antics Leading To A Wider Online Reach

The "This Is My Voice: Voice Artists Edition" challenge reached to more than 2M views in her Facebook page Voiceover Flowers. It became viral to the extent that her YouTube subscribers skyrocketed to more than 57,000. How did they start creating that content and what was her initial reaction?

She shared, "Super unexpected noong “This Is My Voice” kasi napanood ko lang siya sa Facebook page ng Asian Crush. May 10M yata na followers yun. Basta sa ibang bansa na page. Sabi ko this is my voice ginagawa nila, nakakatawa pero sabi ko gawa kaya ako ng “This is My Voice: Voice-over Artist Edition”? So yung day na yun, makikita doon sa suot ko sa video, same day ng Jollibee delivery ko. Medyo napagod kami ni MK (MK Salditos), stressed din.‘Girl, before tayo mag-lunch, may napanood ako’ tapos pinanood ko kay MK. 
‘Gawin natin ‘to’. Sabi ni MK, ‘Eh anong sasabihin ko?’ ‘Sige mag-Killua ka’ kasi alam ko magaling siya mag-Hunter na anime. ‘Killua tapos boses matanda. Ako anong gagawin ko?’
‘Mag-Jollibee ka. Kaka-record mo lang eh.’ ‘Sige-sige Lady’s Choice tapos Jollibee.’ Then yun na, tuloy-tuloy. Then pinakita ko kay When In Manila yun. Sabi nila, requirement nila is 3 minutes. I invited two more guys, si Kuya Reymar (Reymar Peña at si Kuya Jeff (Jeff Gusayko). Then ayun, shinare ni When In Manila kasi interested sila doon sa first initial video na kami lang ni MK. Sabi nila, ‘Thanks Kath but we need at least 3 minutes’. Ayun, tapos sinama ko mga bloopers. Mas na-entertain daw sila sa bloopers. Kasi nag-eenjoy lang kami. Di siya scripted...as in mas raw. Tapos ayun, kung sino nandito. Sakto andito si Kuya Reymar si Kuya Jeff. ‘Uy sama kayo’ Noong una ayaw pa ni Kuya Jeff. Nahiya, di niya alam gagawin. Tapos ayun, lumabas naman. Kasi the more na nag-eenjoy ka lang, the more na nag-rereflect yun sa video. 

Ms. Kathleen Sone recording for a voice-over project
Remembering The Core Purpose Why She Started Vlogging Voice Artists-Related Content

As of this writing time, her YouTube channel Voiceover Flowers has 20 video content and 57,800 subscribers. Many of her followers are curious and interested in starting their own voice acting career. Hence, they reach out to her via the comment section asking how to become a voice artist too. 

Ms. Kathleen remembered why she began vlogging about her voice acting career, "Actually na-enjoy ko yun mga ganoong comments kasi that’s the core purpose of my vlog: to inspire the aspiring voice talents. Kasi di ba nga nakwento ko sa’yo nagsimula ako sa panonood ng YouTube videos so sabi ko ‘Bakit walang content dito sa Philippines? Gusto kong malaman ano yun industry ng voice-over. Bakit Amerika lang? Bakit wala sa Philippines?’ So yung wish kong mga content before, yun ang ginagawa ko ngayon para ma-inspire sila, makita nila yun behind the scenes dito sa voice-over sa Philippines. Pag nagtatanong sila nang ganun na paano...actually gagawa ako ng video, upcoming video ko ang title “How to Jumpstart Your Voice-over Career Here in the Philippines” Ididiscuss ko doon yun mga hot topics, yun mga questions nila. Actually hesitant ako doon kasi parang I’m still not in the position magturo kasi iba pa rin sina JV nagtuturo na rin talaga. Ang usually ko namang initial na sagot dyan is mag-start ka with the right mindset. Kasi ang isip nila ‘Paano po ba mag-start? Microphone po ba? Kailangan po bang gumastos nang malaki?’ Usually yun ang advice ko: right mindset and right motivation. Then the technical like the proper microphone and workshops will follow."

Ms. Kathleen Sone in a VG8 Radio segment answering questions from her followers

Biggest Realization And Constant Lesson From Her Journey

Out of all the lessons and realizations in Ms. Kathleen's career, she always looks back in this important value, food for any dreamer's soul. She reiterated this is a necessity to ensure success and continuity in people's goals and visions. She explained, "Marami pero yung isa talaga...tingin ko ito yun magiging foundation nila pag nagsimula especially nga sa mga beginners: Kailangan nila maging rejection-proof. Kasi pag nagsimula ka, syempre paano kung di mo nakuha yun right mindset? Paano kung motivation mo agad ay pera? Tapos di ka kaagad natatanggap sa auditions? Mato-toxic ka. Susuko ka agad. After you acquire the right mindset at yun motivation, you have to prepare yourself na maging rejection-proof. Kasi sa simula, hindi ka kaagad makakakuha ng projects. Most of the time, libre pa sa paggawa. Tingin nila sa voice-over parang ita-tap lang na ‘Uy maganda boses mo di ba? Paggawa naman!’ Pa-meryenda lang. Ganun tingin nila. Tapos sa sampung i-aaudition mo, minsan walang magrereply. Minsan may isa, i-sshort list ka, paasahin na uy na-short list ako tapos wala pala...parang babagsak din. Kahit nga yun mga veteran voice talents, na-tuturn down pa rin eh. They need to know na yun rejection is part of this career. Kailangan mahaba pasensiya mo." 

Ms. Kathleen Sone's story is a revelation that success, growth, and achievements in life are inevitable once a dreamer sets out her vision towards its fulfillment. Her dedication, faith to succeed, continuous improvement, humility, and gratitude guided her to gain more milestones both in her career and life goals. 

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